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Criminal Girls 2: Party Favors Reforming On PS Vita Next Month

Sometimes, a title escapes the Sauron-like gaze of the sharp-eyed writers here at Pure PlayStation. When that happens, it is our job to bring you the details, so you can best determine where your hard-won gaming dollars should be spent this year. This is especially true when it is an RPG for the mostly cast aside PS Vita.

Criminal Girls 2: Party Favors puts you in the role of The Program Instructor working with girls from the other side of the tracks who died before they could submit themselves entirely to their favorite flavor of evil. Your job is to guide these seven girls, known as Delinquents, through the Hell Spire and back to a path of righteousness by a process called Reformation. Each has their own personality, and they have a different sin they were going to commit. The mystery in the game is to determine which one of your seven charges is actually a Convict, posing as a Delinquent.

Published by NIS America, this game has not been without controversy. It has been denied a rating in both Germany and Australia, ensuring it will not be released in those countries, even though the content was changed from its original version for Europe and North America.

Criminal Girls 2: Party Favors releases September 23rd in Europe and September 20th in the US. Check out the two character trailers for Lily and Shinoa, and go to the game’s site for more info. If you think this type of niche RPG is for you, it would be (get ready to cringe) criminal for you to ignore it.

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