Cris Tales Delayed to 2021

Joining a large group of other highly-anticipated games this year, Cris Tales has been delayed to 2021. You know the reasons by now, but Modus CEO, Christina Seelye, described the decision to delay as follows:

“The decision to delay was a tough one, but was made to ensure that the developers at Dreams Uncorporated and SYCK have a chance to bring the best version of Cris Tales to fans anxiously awaiting its release.”

Even in a normal year, that’s a solid reason to delay a game, and this year has been anything but normal.

The joint message from Dreams Uncorporated CEO, Carlos Rocha Silva, SYCK, and the rest of the devs goes into more detail about why the game is delayed. Since the game does bounce around in time, the same asset must be created three times, and this is similar to producing three games at the same time. The team is also taking feedback it received from the demo release and trying to make the game better. Finally, it’s a dream for this group of people who became friends to deliver the biggest and best game possible. It’s a very honest and personal message from the team, and you can read it here.

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As the winner of the Best Indie Game award at E3 2019 and nominated for Best Indie Game at Gamescom 2020, Cris Tales has a lot of hope riding on the release. You play as Crisbell who hops between the past, present, and future of the Crystallis Kingdoms to help people and defeat monsters. You can check out the gameplay and the interesting art style in a new trailer released today. Pre-orders are open, and you can grab a poster as part of your order. (See image at the bottom.)

Cris Tales is now scheduled to release in “early 2021”, and we’ll let you know the exact date whenever it’s available.

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