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Cross-Platform Play is Coming to PS4, Starting Today With Fortnite

Sony has decided to throw the kids down the river today as it announced it would no longer be protecting them from the perils of cross-platform gaming. C’mon, I had to make that joke at some point.

From today, PS4 players will be able to play alongside players on PC, Switch, Xbox One, Mac, iOS, and Android, though it’ll only be in Fortnite. In a statement released on the official PlayStation Blog, SIE CEO John Kodera announced that cross-platform play would be starting with Fortnite today as an open beta, and that the platform holder will be looking at other third-party games in the future.

It’s also noted that while you can play Fortnite with players on other platforms, the cross-platform features include gameplay, commerce, and progression – something that was previously not possible for PS4 players. This means you can play on the go with your mobile phone, and then continue back at home on your console of choice or PC. You’ll also be able to take your precious V-Bucks to whichever console or device you want to play on.

It’s been a sore talking point for Sony over the last year, especially with the popularity of Fortnite, but the company has finally caved in to consumer demand. Well done everybody. Well done indeed.

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