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Cross-play A Priority For Rocket League But Will Sony Agree?

After months of backlash regarding a lack of cross-play support, Sony finally gave in this week. But will a single beta prove enough of a success to see the feature rolled out across the board?

The purpose of the Fortnite Beta is to test the viability of multi-platform cooperative play, though its popularity on other consoles should be answer enough. However, the event itself is practically a white flag from the digital stalwart so we should commend them a little. Even if they shouldn’t have placed themselves or their users in this position to begin with.

Sony went on to say that, despite the trial’s current limitation to the Fortnite game, they do anticipate rolling out the feature to other titles. This in turn prompted much speculation from studios and fans alike, with the CEO of Psyonix even taking to Reddit to explain their stance and future outlook. Spoiler alert: they really want cross play!

“Cross play across all consoles is a subject that is near and dear to my heart,” he said. “It has been my passion since the inception of Rocket League.”

“We built Rocket League to be a cross-platform game from the very beginning. It has been a Psyonix mandate that our technology, processes, and policies must always comply with this effort and we have worked tirelessly to ensure it.”

“Of course, cross-platform play is not something Psyonix and Rocket League can do on it’s own. It takes the substantial cooperation and coordination of many partners, most notably the platform holders themselves. It is with the greatest joy that I can now acknowledge that all the major consoles are making progress towards a truly all-platform cross-platform play experience!”

From the sounds of it, Sony are at least making contact with the developer in an attempt to unify the gaming world once and for all. But surely you can’t blame us if we still hold a little doubt as to whether it will finally, eventually, materialise. We’ll have to sit tight and see if a Rocket League Beta is scheduled next.

Do you think Sony will permit cross-play? Even if they do, have they impacted their reputation beyond repair? Or are they too big of a concern to do such irreversible damage? Give us your opinion in the multi platform friendly box below!

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