Crossing Souls Takes Us Back to the 80s

Marty McFly and Phil Collins would be proud. The 80s are back in style, and Stranger Things and It are not the only media pulling from the decade that birthed music videos and Thriller.

Crossing Souls is an upcoming adventure game set in 1986. The team used their experiences and influences with the movies and TV shows from that time to create “a story that will reach the heart of those of you who grew up in the 80’s and the chance to experience the magic firsthand for those that did not”. Some of the movies mentioned are classics such as Stand By Me, Poltergeist, Karate Kid, and Gremlins. That sets the bar pretty high.

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They looked to 80s cartoons for inspiration when designing the cutscenes. The animation style looks great and even has the look of a well-loved VHS cassette. They definitely have an eye for details.

After three years in development, the small team of five at Fourrattic will finally be releasing Crossing Souls on February 13th. Solve puzzles as you guide five friends on an adventure in which they can travel between two worlds and become tangled in a government conspiracy. Sounds like they definitely were inspired by the 80s.

We look forward to seeing if they can recapture the feeling of being a kid when anything could happen.

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