Horror game, Claire, will be hitting our PlayStation 4’s this Tuesday, August 30th! For those not familiar Claire is a game about a teenage girl trying to cope with everyday life. Failing out of school and dealing with the burden of being her sick mother’s caretaker, it all just gets to her. Through undisclosed reasons Claire’s past, present, and something else combine to create a nightmare world. Time is also a factor as our protagonist changes ages, in the middle of gameplay, without realizing it. There are individuals who can assist Claire but it’s up to the player to figure these things out.

The Extended Cut reportedly “goes a little deeper into Claire’s history.” We can only assume that means added story content and improvements. Hailstorm Games’ creative director, Joshua Spinell, gave this description about Claire: Extended Cut. “While the environment of Claire is dark, brooding, and somewhat sarcastic, we didn’t want to make the standard grungy, grey, bloody type of horror game. We really wanted to balance horror with a bit of beauty. Those moments of respite where Claire can relax for a few minutes before reality kicks back in again.”



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