Crysis in Crisis – Remaster Delayed

After a leaked trailer didn’t have the desired response from fans on social media, Crysis Remastered developers Crytek have decided to delay the release of the game “by a few weeks”.

In a statement released on the official Crysis Twitter feed, the Crysis Remastered Team site the need to add polish and a few more improvements to get Crysis up to the “…PC and Console-breaking standard” expected from fans. Crysis is famous for how hard it could push even the most high-end gaming PC back when it first released in 2007, with the phrase “Can it run Crysis?” becoming etched in gamer lore as a means of measuring the graphical prowess of PC Graphics cards. With that in mind, it is little wonder that fans of the series have come to expect a bit of eye candy when it comes to the Remaster.

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A trailer premiere that was officially scheduled to reveal the game next week has also been delayed. As we assume this is the same trailer that leaked yesterday, it is a fair assumption that this is a good thing given that the fan reaction to this trailer is what led to the delay.

Hopefully, the few weeks stated is all that is required to get Crysis back on track, and we can get our eyes and hands on it sooner rather than later.

Source: Twitter


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