Custom PS2 Inspired PS5 Consoles For Sale This Week

PS2 Inspired PS5

If anything has been learned from the previous generation of consoles, it’s that nostalgia sells.

Whether it be remakes of fan favourites or retro-inspired colourways, us gamers lap it up, and this week we are graced with further nostalgia as US firm SUP3R5 will release a PlayStation 5 custom build inspired by the PlayStation 2. The modified machine will boast an all-black design and signature colourful PS logo along with the custom Dualsense controller, bringing a classic taste to the next generation of gaming.

There are going to be a limited number released, 304 to be exact, and they will go on sale January 8th for $649 (£479), pricing it $200 (£148) above the retail price.

The custom console has no official ties to Sony, which means that any purchases made with the company are entirely at the buyer’s risk, with SUP3R5 stating that consoles will ship in Spring 2021.

The PS2 is officially the best-selling console of all time, with Sony selling 155 million units worldwide following its 2000 release. Unlike the new-age design to the PS5, the PS2 sported an all-black, boxed design indicative of a time where most devices followed a similar aesthetic.

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Merging the two designs is interesting, combining the classic colourway with the futuristic and curvy design of the PS5, the custom is the first solid offering of a black alternative to the sold-out console, aside from custom face plates.

This isn’t the first time we have seen a third party company take the PS5 and apply their own signature of creativity to the console and PS5 stock at this time remains elusive, with the console selling out every time it is restocked, causing resale value to be drastically inflated. With uncertainty over when and where PS5 stock will land soon, the January 8th release and custom design may be the best bet for those desperate to land the console.

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