Cyberpunk 2077 Has Gone Gold, The Wait is Almost Over!

Despite previous delays and disappointments, I am happy to tell you that Cyberpunk 2077 has finally gone gold. That means, unless somebody comes from the future and swipes every copy of the game, it will definitely launch next month. Unsurprisingly, this news has been welcomed online by jubilant tweets as patient gamers realise their wait is finally over. The only uncertainty now is whether we’ll be playing it on a next generation console.

I think that’s the biggest disappointment for me – a non pre order holder (*sniff*). That this big game we’ve all been waiting for probably won’t be enjoyed on the much improved hardware, to the best of its capability. It takes a bit of the shine off things, though I know one solution is to wait. But that only leads to the inevitable reading of spoilers, which only destroy one’s enjoyment of a game more. Therefore, you can’t really do anything other than suck it up.

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Still, it’s great to see previous delays can now be put behind us. And it gives us some hope that the industry can continue to create great content even with all this craziness going on. Because can you imagine if these next generation of consoles were launching after all this time, only to be joined by many delays and cancellations? That wouldn’t be funny at all!

The news broke on Twitter on the official Cyberpunk 2077 account, with a pretty sweet accompanying image, so make sure you check that out below. In the meantime, how about you dream away the next month or so with futuristic, cybernetic thoughts?


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