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Cyberpunk 2077 Multiplayer Might Be Monetised

The single player campaign in Cyberpunk 2077 is most definitely monetisation free. But the same might not be said for the multiplayer mode, which is also in development. That’s because, during a recent board meeting, it was decided it was too early to say either way.

Which gives the shareholders hope of an extra income source, and us players a feeling of disbelief. Not this again, surely?!?

This choice of words caused quite a stir online, as fans reminded CD Projekt Red of their previous comments. But depending on who you ask, what was said before referred only to the main story. And not its cooperative add-on.

As Joint-CEO Adam Kiciński said:

“As far as the monetisation of multiplayer for Cyberpunk is concerned, we believe right now it’s definitely too early to share any details on that or give guidance; the project is in a relatively early stage.”

Which is not a definite yes, but it’s not a ‘no, definitely not’ either. So we’re most likely going to see in-game purchases integrated into the software – the question is, will they be superficial accessories or grind beating shortcuts? Because we all know how tempting the latter can be.

If we compare Cyberpunk 2077 to GTA V, we can see the possible approach to profitability is mirrored by the two. In an open-world environment, where cars and weapons rule the streets, there will always be a market for customisation and upgrades as players try to get the upper hand on their rivals. But it’s a mechanic that has grown largely out of favour with the public, for good reason too, so let’s hope it’s done tastefully – if such a thing is possible.

Not ‘pay to win’, and not ‘pay to not eat for a while’.

Are you ok with the odd item being pay-to-play? Or are you all for the grind? Share us a futuristic comment in the box below – it’s free to do so, by the way.

*The multiplayer component to Cyberpunk 2077 will not be releasing alongside the main game, which gives the studio a lot of time between now and when the final decision must be made to think about their strategy. They could easily decide against it, or ensure you can earn comparable points – in game – for those who’d rather keep their credit cards in check. And as there are numerous avenues they could take, we shouldn’t take this investor-led comment to tarnish our opinion of the game or studio – at least, not until we’ve seen the final implementation. Then we might have good reason…

Source: Video Games Chronicle

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