Cyberpunk 2077 Pulled From the PlayStation Store as Refunds Are Again Promised

Ironically, I read this piece of news alongside an advert for the game itself. But I must report today that Cyberpunk 2077 has been officially removed from the PlayStation Store. That means, if you’re still inclined to buy the game, you must now do so physically (assuming stores don’t take similar action). And if you already own the game – with no intention of seeking a refund – you must await the promised patches, which are practically guaranteed to fix every single bug encountered.

Well, I guess they will depending on how much faith you have in CD Projekt RED, and how long you’re willing to wait…

The unexpected move from Sony comes amidst great disappointment in what was an overly hyped game. One many may have assumed was going to clinch the accolade of ‘The Game of the Year’. But that will now go down in history for a very different reason. However, it must be said that the PlayStation 5 version does appear to play better (as you’ll be able to read about in our upcoming review), so all may not be lost. Apart from our trust in the marketing teams assigned to games…

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CD Projeckt RED have responded to the news by issuing yet another statement. In it they confirmed the delisting was limited to the digital version of Cyberpunk 2077, and that all players who choose to keep their copy will continue to be supported by the team. But, if you have made your mind up and wish to receive a refund, all such requests can now be made to Sony – something I’ve typed before only for Sony to deny all knowledge of. Yet, as this comes from the development studio, I assume they’ve given Sony a blank cheque to clear any confusion.

*Cough* Who was going to fork out for the hiccup *Cough*

You can read the statement in its entirety below (along with the aforementioned link for your money back). But in the meantime, how about you take a minute to recognise the enormity of this decision by Sony – all those months back when the delays and cut content worried us, who would have thought we’d be here right now?

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