Cyberpunk 2077 Refunds Go Live Alongside Apology For Hiding Its Poor Performance

CD Projekt RED were stuck between a rock and a hard place. They could have delayed Cyberpunk 2077 further – without the certainty of fixing its many bugs. Or they could have chosen to launch on the next generation of console only, admitting defeat on all that has been and forfeiting the Playstation 4 sales. But despite those two options probably being their best bet, they ploughed forward with its planned (delayed) cross-generational release. And now they’re suffering the consequences. Still, they seem to be seeing the error of their ways by apologising for their underhanded tactics, pre-launch.

And nothing says sorry more than the word ‘refund’, right?

You see, the team have been criticised for not showing how badly the game performed on the PlayStation 4 prior to its launch. Instead, they seemed to hint that the extra time they were devoting to the project would smooth out any kinks – leading many gamers to pre-order the game. But when launch day came around, those pre-orders only led to disappointment. And the last generation was made to look just like that as it struggled to keep Cyberpunk 2077 running at full definition graphics at 20fps.

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Comparatively, the PlayStation 5 didn’t do as bad. The crashes were less frequent and the frame rate a lot more stable. But it still demonstrated its copious amounts of animation bugs that manage to frequently bring you out of Night City with a thump. Not exactly what you want from an immersive experience.

As a result, CD Projekt RED have been forced into giving a statement where the option of a refund is put on the table. They do ask that you give them time –  a chance to rectify their mistake in two big updates coming in January and February – but if you are completely unhappy with Cyberpunk 2077, then you are invited to seek a refund. This can be achieved by contacting the PSN customer services team (if you purchased the digital version) or the store in which you bought the disc. As a last resort, CD Projekt RED will also accept requests to [email protected] – and that is lucky because a lot of gamers are struggling with the first few options (I wonder why?). But be warned, this email address will only remain live until December 21st 2020.

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