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Cyberpunk 2077 Will Arrive on PlayStation 5, Eventually

I honestly thought the team behind Cyberpunk 2077 would have had the PlayStation 5 on their radar for a while now. What with the next generation of console being inevitable. But if their recent earning’s call is anything to go by, we’ll be waiting a while for a native PS5 release.

At least the backwards compatibility feature will allow us to play the PlayStation 4 version on next year’s hardware. That’s something, I guess. But don’t expect a themed console bundle, which is what board member Michał Nowakowski said (reading between the lines).

He said:

“I will only safely assume that it’s definitely not going to be around the launch timeframe of these consoles, so I think that’s pretty much it.”

However, CD Projekt Red’s President wanted to keep things in perspective. Specifically that the team are not one to shy away from future advancements. Especially as their titles tend to push the boundaries – both in story and technical specification. They added:

“Our games were always kind of ahead of technology; they were always played best on strong PCs, so in many areas we are kind of ready or almost ready for stronger specs – so, from a technical perspective this seems to be doable.”

It does seem strange, though, that neither the studio or Sony are wanting this greatly anticipated game to be available at the PlayStation 5’s launch. But there’s obviously a simple explanation – and it’s probably that we’ll all have played it before the holidays 2020, so why struggle to sell the same thing to us twice. Even if a healthy return is all but guaranteed…

Still, it took Grand Theft Auto V a year to release on the PlayStation 4; now look at it!

Source: Video Games Chronicle

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