Cyberpunk 2077 Will be Backwards Compatible With the PS5 and Look Better, Too

If yesterday’s Cyberpunk 2077 delay was enough to make you regret your PS4 pre-order then don’t fret. That’s because the game will be backwards compatible with the PlayStation 5. That means, even if you’re not finished with the game come the console’s launch, then you’ll be able to transfer your save across and pick up right where you left off.

However, as Sony have previously stipulated all new releases after July will have to be backwards compatible, this is probably more a given than news.

But even if you saw this coming, it’s still reassuring to know – especially as the game is now being delayed up to near the console’s launch window. Otherwise, there was a chance the game would skip this generation altogether or fail to meet market expectations. And that doesn’t help either party.

In other, yet related news, the game will also be receiving a free update in order to take full advantage of the next generation hardware. It will apparently look better on the PlayStation 5 at launch, compared to the current console, and will enjoy an even bigger update next year. That means a full graphical overhaul, plus shortcuts to improve loading times and the likes. Something Sony have no intention of making developers do but that will make the backwards compatibility feature even more pleasing to the eye.

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This is especially true owing to the lack of funds everyone has at the moment, as I think remasters and rereleases will be a tough sell for a few years to come. So, being able to use your current gaming library across both consoles helps immensely. But that would at least mean developers would be forced to focus on completely new projects, which means it’s a win on numerous levels for us all!

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