Cyberpunk-Inspired Quantum Replica Coming 2021

Your list of 2021 games grew by one more this morning. Announced today, Quantum Replica’s cyberpunk world will be hitting the PS4 next year. You will play the amnesiac character “Alpha” and begin the process of taking down a corporate conglomerate known as the “Syndicate.” Your quest to regain your memories and free the city will take place over five different districts. Using gadgets and abilities like time manipulation, you can win your fights and stay stealthy.

This announcement trailer is more of an announcement teaser, but it does give you a peek at the gameplay. The overhead perspective shows off the combat and a facility with what looks like poison gas. More importantly, it does appear to have plenty of neon, which seems to be one of the biggest prerequisites for a cyberpunk genre game.

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We should see more about this game soon, even though I think we originally reported on it in 2016. With a new trailer and release date, it’s nice to see that it will finally be coming in 2021.

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