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Cyberpunk RPG Disjunction Blends Stealth-Action and Fast-Paced Shooting on PS4 January 28th

Cyberpunk 2077 may not have been the messiah of gaming that we all expected, but let’s not allow one bad egg to spoil the lunch; Disjunction is also a cyberpunk game set in the near future, but unlike CDPR’s headache, Disjunction looks like it’ll work as advertised when it releases on January 28th, 2021.

Still feeling stung by anything “cyberpunk”? The good news is that you don’t have to put your trust in well-paid influencers; you can try the game for yourself as there’s a free demo available via Steam. No, there’s no console demo, but the game should run even on the most modest of setups, so it’s worth a look if you’re interested.

Disjunction takes place in a dystopian 2048 New York where crime is the norm, as are cybernetic upgrades. Metal arms are in, game-breaking bugs are *hopefully* out.

The game’s story is reactive, meaning that your actions will influence the way the narrative unfolds as you sneak and shoot your way through The Big Apple to uncover a conspiracy that threatens to damn the famed city. You’ll be able to upgrade your characters with cybernetic upgrades, aiding you in becoming the badass that New York of the future needs. You can go in all-guns-blazing, or you can stick to the shadows and use your cunning to overcome enemies. Or maybe a fine mix of the two, that’s up to you.

“We are massive fans of classic stealth-action games and ultramodern fast-paced shooters, and have put our all into combining the two genres in Disjunction,” said Erwan LeCun, Co-Founder of Ape Tribe Games. “Disjunction is our love letter to cyberpunk, and we hope that the game’s conspiracy-laden narrative and stylistic visuals will appeal to fans of the genre, while giving them the choice to engage in strategic stealth gameplay or brutally fast combat.”

Disjunction is a fantastic title that we know will be a firm favourite for fans of sci-fi and cyberpunk,” added Vincent Coates, Product Manager at Sold Out. “We can’t wait for players to discover the cybernetic future very soon.”

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