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Cyberpunk Shooter Ruiner Hacks Your PS4 This Summer

Ruiner, the first game from new studio Reikon Games, was first announced for PC, Mac, and Linux at the start of 2016 and a new post on the PlayStation blog has revealed that the game will also be coming to PS4 this Summer. The dystopian cyberpunk setting of Rengkok City is as soaked in neon and blood as you might expect. Check it out in the official reveal trailer above and read on for everything we know so far.

“You were hacked and used as a tool to kill the Boss of Heaven. I broke the hack, but it was a mess. You lost an arm and barely made it out of there. Your brother was kidnapped to make sure you did your job. He’s going to die unless you find him first.”

This is the opening line of the PlayStation blog post from Magdalena Tomkowicz, Producer at Reikon Games. It sets the tone nicely for some mystery cyberpunk conspiracy shenanigans and that’s exactly what Ruiner is looking to deliver. You’ll traverse the sprawling metropolis of Rengkok City, 2091, in an effort to save your brother and utilize guns, swords, grenades, gadgets, implants and anything else you can get your hands on to get rid of anyone standing in your way. Your enemies know you’re coming and they’ll be throwing man, machine, and everything in between at you to keep you from your goal.

The post goes on to detail some of the varying abilities you’ll be able to use, describing different melee styles with light and heavy weapons that each grant their own special attacks. Add more than 20 types of gun from conventional shotguns to the more advanced-sounding lightning cannon and sub-zero gun and you’ll have a variety of ways to take out threats. Sometimes the best offense is a good defense and Ruiner has you covered there too, there’ll be dash moves, shields, barriers, the ability to slow time and more. The unsettling voice over on the trailer and an ominous comic book style prologue on the game’s official website suggest that the story of your protagonist and Rengkok’s Heaven corporation may not be as simple as the revenge setup would indicate.

Publisher Devolver Digital are bringing Ruiner to PS4, Xbox One, and PC this Summer. We’ll be bringing you more on the game as it’s revealed. Let us know what you think so far in the comments. 

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