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Dakar 18 Brings the Rally Home to a PlayStation 4 Near You

The legendary Dakar Rally is making its way to the PlayStation 4 in an official new game. As displayed in its announcement trailer, Dakar 18 hopes to emulate every sand-shifting moment. And we must say it has grabbed our attention compared to the rally and track carbon copies we sometimes see.

Competing in the Dakar Rally has graced many a bucket list, but just like driving at Le Man’s, it’s pretty far-fetched. For the majority of us, at least. And even if you bag yourself a ride, chances are the desert will hit back twice as hard as you try – here’s wishing Villas-Boas a fast recovery. But now you can edit enjoy all of the highs, lows and drama of this infamous race without all of the hassle that the non-virtual reality brings, like money and logistics. Mainly money.

Deep Silver will publish the title, which is being developed by Bigmoon Entertainment who was the creator behind Alekhine’s Gun. Now you may be thinking, ‘oh, bum. That game was a flop so there’s no hope for Dakar 18. I’d better just sit in my Vauxhall and pretend I’m trying to climb a sheer dune.’ Well, have hope our friend, because they actually know a thing or two about a slippery-under-the-tyres racer. Previously they have worked on both WRC 3 and 5, as well as FlatOut 4.

To ensure that Dakar 18 is as realistic as possible, the team are working closely with real-world competitors and the Amaury Sport Organisation. The open world of South America will be populated by real people and real rides, which are separated into the same five categories as the actual competition – bikes, ATVs, cars, trucks, and utility. As it is being described as a simulation rather than arcade game, each of the five categories will handle completely different to the others. They have also confirmed that it will feature both a single and multiplayer mode. It will be out sometime this year.

Bigmoon has certainly got a challenge on their hands, but anything worth doing is never easy. By heck, the rally is one of the biggest challenges around. Why should its development be any simpler?

Are you looking forward to Dakar 18 rallying to your screens?

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