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Dance on a Few Graves in Shadow-Based Puzzler Felix the Reaper

Felix the Reaper was just announced with a new trailer showing the gameplay. Felix is a reaper working for The Ministry of Death. It’s his job to make sure everyone meets their end. That doesn’t mean he has to be unhappy during his 9-to-5. He is dancing to his collection of tunes in the hopes that he will meet Betty the Maiden from The Ministry of Life. Felix is in love with her, and he hopes their paths will cross.

The gameplay focuses on Felix staying in the shadows and completing the puzzle that will end a life. The shadows can be moved around Felix in 3D to unlock new paths and options. Beating the level will grant you a skull achievement to unlock harder versions of the level and time trials.

Music and dancing play an important part. There will be more than ten tracks you can choose while you play. The dance moves were choreographed by real dancing pros, so Felix will have some authenticity in his deathly boogie moves.

There is no release date for Felix the Reaper, but we will be playing it sometime in 2019.

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