Dangan TV Talks about the Series’ Sound in the 4th Period Episode

A new episode of Dangan TV has been translated and posted. The 4th Period episode was originally aired on August 26th this year, and it’s a deep dive into the audio from the game. One of this episode’s guests is the Sound Designer, Jun Fukuda. He traces his love of music back to hearing music from Space Battleship Yamato performed by a middle school brass band. He joined the band, and it gave him a good musical foundation and the drive to learn more.

Despite this seemingly strong trajectory, he actually worked as a civil engineer, before entering the game industry a little before he turned 30. (Don’t give up on your dreams!) He had to work hard, but his first Danganronpa game was Ultra Despair Girls. He has continued to be the sound designer for every game in the series after that.

As the curtain is pulled back on the Danganronpa series again for another episode of Dangan TV, this is your chance to dig into how the team decided on the sound and music from the people who made the game. It’s a cool idea for a video series, and I would be happy to see other companies take this approach to talking retrospectively about games.

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