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Dangerous Driving 2 is Going Open World to Recapture Burnout Vibes on PS4

Burnout has, sadly, burned out. We’ve had a remaster, which was OK at best, but we’ve not had a proper Burnout game in over a decade. That’s not going to change, mind you, but some of the people who worked on the series are now working at another development house, Three Fields Entertainment. That development house has worked on a couple of racing games, and one, in particular, was very Burnout-eque: Dangerous Driving.

Three Fields Entertainment has announced today that it’s working on Dangerous Driving 2 for PS4, Xbox One, PC and Switch, and that it’ll be going open-world. A little like… Burnout, wouldn’t you say? There’s no trailer in sight, nor do we have any screenshots, but we have the promise of a new game in Burnout fashion coming later this year. Surely that’s enough? Dangerous Driving 2 is set to release this winter, but if you fancy an early look and are in the Boston area, you can check out some early gameplay at this year’s PAX East 2020.

The original Dangerous Driving game released back in 2019 and didn’t fare too well on the review front, settling on middling scores from most publications, though hardcore Burnout fans found lots to enjoy all the same.

About Dangerous Driving 2

Dangerous Driving 2 is the arcade racer for everyone, featuring slick driving that rewards racing fans wanting to test their lightning reflexes at eye-watering speeds. Set within a dynamic open world, players can choose how they want to race, either by competing in a host of thrilling events against AI opponents or going for a cruise in freedrive mode and testing the limits of the game’s emergent crash mechanics with huge multi-vehicle pile-ups. This world can be explored solo or in split-screen multiplayer, while those looking to challenge the best drivers around the globe can take the action online.

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