Dangerous Golf Is Coming To PS4 This May

Three Fields Entertainment has just announced their first game, its called Dangerous Golf. More on the game in a minute, but firstly: who the hell are Three Fields Entertainment? Well they were founded back in 2014 by Fiona Sperry, Alex Ward and Paul Ross. The team currently resides in Britain and, while it’s a small team, it consists of veteran developers from Criterion Games, Ubisoft and Disney, so we’re pretty sure Dangerous Golf is in good hands.

Now for the game itself. You may have noticed the team is partly made up of some ex-Burnout devs (those from Criterion) and in the spirit of Burnout Dangerous Golf is promising to be a fast, fun, arcade style golf game. Over on the PlayStation Blog Fiona Sperry actually said ‘it’s as serious a true golf game as Burnout was a serious simulation of real driving.’ In other word Dangerous Golf won’t be taking itself too seriously as a golf game, instead it will focus on reckless fun.

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Players won’t be aiming for par or a birdie, instead they’ll be tasked with gaining points by smashing up as many things in the environment as they can before putting the ball in the hole. If you smash enough stuff you can power up the ball, which will light it on fire and allow you to control it for a limited amount of time so you can smash more stuff. Makes sense, right? Ok maybe not, but screw it because it’s all in the name of fun… and smashing things.

The game will be out in May of this year, in the mean time you can check out some screenshots from Dangerous Golf down below.


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