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Dark Eclipse Brings Free-to-Play MOBA Action to the PSVR Today

UPDATE: It’s active on the NA PSN now, and you can download it here.

If you want to save money and have something new for your PSVR, Dark Eclipse is ready to be downloaded now for free. (I don’t see it on the NA PSN yet, but click here for the UK PSN.) It combines ideas from an RTS and a MOBA, while allowing you to control your troops from inside the world.

Those troops are called Leaders, and each has a special ability to match your play style. You can pick from a list of 15 for now with more planned in future updates. With your guidance, they will destroy the towers (and eventually the bases) of your enemies and protect yours. There are five different tower types available with different abilities, but they collect a valuable resource that strengthens your side and adds soldiers to your Leader’s ranks. Hello, strategy.

Dark Eclipse is free-to-play, but the developers are determined to make sure it is not pay to win. There will be free updates coming with content and balance fixes, and cosmetic items will be for sale. Any heroes sold can also be purchased with in-game currency. The speed at which that can be earned will determine if it is an issue.

Either way, Dark Eclipse brings some interesting ideas at the right price to the PSVR today. Competitive gamers may want to check this one out.

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