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Dark Renaissance is a Gritty, Historical Visual Novel Set in Italy; Coming 2021

When I see visual novels, they are normally set in Japan, but Dark Renaissance is trying to create something a little different. Written by Matteo Strukul with music by David Logan, this visual novel will be set in Italy during the Renaissance. It’s a time usually known for paintings and cultural advancement, but it’s not all art supplies and wine. The story will focus on the darker side with a Venetian mercenary who discovers how some of these amazing accomplishments happened while working for Lorenzo de’ Medici in Venice and Florence.

The game is trying to be more than the typical visual novel. There will be many famous characters, including Leonardo Da Vinci, and multiple endings, but this isn’t a high schooler’s story. The developer’s are promising political intrigue, a taste of the Italian lifestyle including drugs and indulging in luxuries, deep character development with possible romances, and combat that mixes opera with RPGs. I’m really curious about that last one.

Like a lot of the games being announced right now, we only know this one is coming sometime in 2021. Check out the teaser trailer for now, and we’ll have more on this fascinating mix of the visual novel genre and historical fiction whenever we learn more.

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