Dark Souls 3’s Final DLC ‘The Ringed City’ Gets A Release Date

Dark Souls 3’s Final DLC ‘The Ringed City’ Gets A Release Date

Dark Souls 3 was one of our favorite games of 2016 in the virtual offices of┬áPure PlayStation (for some of us anyway) and we know at least one person who’s been waiting impatiently for ‘early 2017’ to give way to a clear release date for what could be the final piece of DLC not only for Dark Souls 3 but the whole Dark Souls franchise. If you’re in the same boat, then suffer no longer! From Software have confirmed a release date of the 28th of March in the┬áteasing trailer you see above for the new DLC pack, titled ‘The Ringed City.’

The first DLC offering for Dark Souls 3, The Ashes of Ariandel, was good but somewhat underwhelming when compared with DLC releases for previous From Software games. Season pass holders will be hoping that the newly revealed DLC pack, the second and final add on for the game, will offer a bit more bang for their buck. We know from today’s press release that The Ringed City will add new areas to explore, new bosses, enemies, weapons, magic, and armor. It will also expand the game’s story with a new cast of characters as players ‘chase the Slave Knight Gael to the literal end of the world as he seeks the Dark Soul of Humanity.’ Beyond that, we don’t know a whole lot just yet but we expect more details to come to light in the coming weeks.

The Ringed City DLC pack will release on the 28th of March via PSN as a digital download for PS4 and is included in the Dark Souls 3 season pass content. With the previous DLC adding in a dedicated PvP area to the game, we’re hoping that The Ringed City may hold some more surprises for Dark Souls’ unique online gameplay as well. What would you most like to see in the upcoming expansion? Let us know in the comments.

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