Dark Souls 3’s Free Dynamic Theme is Out Now on PS4

Dark Souls 3’s Free Dynamic Theme is Out Now on PS4

Dynamic theme’s are all the rage these days on the PS4, with users clamouring over broken glass to get their hands on the latest and greatest PS4 home screen decorations.

The latest such release is actually the Dark Souls 3 Dynamic Theme that’s free for all PS Plus members from today. The only problem is that it’s not exactly dynamic, more like, semi-dynamic and a doesn’t really hold up against some of the more impressive dynamic themes we’ve seen release on the PS4. Still, free is free and we’ll take it anyway, even if we don’t use it. If you really want the theme then you can download it here via the PlayStation webstore. 

There’s a video down below courtesy of YouTube user Rikudou. Dark Souls 3 is out today on PS4, if you’ve not yet secured your copy, you can do so here.

[Update: We’ve just found a clip of another “dynamic” Dark Souls 3 theme. If you thought the one above was barely qualifying as being dynamic then you’ll have a field day with this one. Clip is below.]

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