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Dark Souls III is Ready for Pre-Loading on PS4, 24GB Download

Dark Souls III is just a couple of days away from releasing over here in the west – almost two weeks after debuting in the developer’s home nation of Japan.

From Software’s punishing hack-n-slash is actually ready to pre-load right this very moment on PS4 and for those who quiver and quake at the idea of more massive games taking up tonnes of hard drive space, you needn’t worry: the file size isn’t that big. Actually, we already told you about that a few days ago when we broke the news that Dark Souls III’s file size was just under 24GB.

However, when you boot up your PS4 and start downloading the game it may seem a lot smaller. The game’s initial download is only 4.4GB, then the rest gets downloaded afterwards. Not too hard on the bandwidth, then.

Dark Souls III will release on PS4 this Tuesday, April 12th, 2016. Get ready to die. Lots.

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