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Dark Souls III’s PS4 File Size is Surprisingly Small

Dark Souls III has been out for a few days in Japan, and while it may still be another week until us chumps in the UK, Europe and North America get our hands on the third and final(?) punishing game in the popular series, it’s not being made any easier by the fact that we’re constantly being teased over how good it is.

One thing that should brighten the mood with inpatient players it that while Dark Souls III may crush your soul, it won’t destroy your hard drive. The PlayStation Store listing for the game has revealed that the game’s size is a mere 17.3GB instead of the monstrous 50-odd we’d have thought the game would have demanded. We’re all for small sizes but it’s best to temper expectation on this one as it’s very likely that the game will end up being much larger once the updates have been released, downloaded and installed. Still, not bad at all.

Dark Souls III will release on PS4 this April 12th.

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