Darkness Kills in Those Who Remain

Coming to the PS4 later this year, Those Who Remain is a psychological thriller sent in the fictional town of Dormont. The town is covered in darkness, and anyone who goes into the dark will be food for whatever is lurking there. If you want to survive, you will have to always go towards the light, Carol Anne.

Along with the perpetual darkness, the town is home to portals to another dimension. By passing between the dimensions, you can influence things on the other side.

The developer, Camel 101, is promising a “gripping narrative” about a young girl who was bullied and a unfortunate tragedy. Since they had trouble deciding on one ending, the choices you make in the story will lead to different endings.

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Those Who Remain looks as if it is taking influences from Alan Wake, Silent Hill, and Stranger Things. That is not a problem for us, and we look forward to seeing more when it releases later this year.

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