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Darksiders III Launch Date Leaked by Microsoft Store

Officially, THQ Nordic is keeping tight lipped over any announcements regarding their forthcoming releases until next month’s Gamescon. But unofficially Microsoft may have already given the game away when it comes to Darksiders III.

In what could be another “accidental” store announcement, the company posted an apparent release date alongside the third part to the series’ stock image. But despite there being very little said about the game since its unveiling last year, the launch is not too far away. If it’s to be believed, and the accuracy of the more recent leaks gives us little concern to think otherwise, the hacker and slasher will release on November 26th.

In addition to the date, they also pulled a few further details out of the proverbial hat, which I’m sure THQ would have preferred them to have kept firmly on their heads if there is any truth to the page.

Amongst the three editions of the game that will be available to purchase, two will boast access to the third installment a whole 24 hours before anyone else. Well, anyone else who hasn’t played for the privilege, that is. But if you’re looking for the complete package, the Blades & Whip Edition will throw in a copy of the previous two titles and a couple of post-launch DLCs unlike the Deluxe Edition, these being Darksiders Warmastered Edition and Darksiders II Deathinitive Edition respectively.

The Standard Edition, however, will only come bundled with a bonus armour skin. But that’s not to be sniffed at, though; a bonus is a bonus, after all. It’s also worth noting that Darksiders I and II in the Blades & Whip Edition will only become playable on November 26th; the day early access doesn’t extend to them. A shame, perhaps, if you’re yet to enjoy the first two and fancy playing them in order, but it’s only a day so it’s not too bad.

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