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Darksiders III Whips Up a New Approach to Boss Fights

Darksiders III is going to be a departure from the first two games in a number of ways. The most obvious is that we have a new rider. With Fury, she doesn’t unlock new mechanics by finding a new tool in the world. She is the change she wants to see in the world, only with more blood, death, and a whip. The whip has 347 blades for those keeping track at home.

As a mage, she changes into one of four physical forms. The Force Fury form gave her a powerful hammer and allowed her to pull in rocks to make a protective sphere she can use to traverse her environment. The flexibility in choosing your form also leads to strategy. The developers are promising more meaning fights, instead of just constantly mowing down waves of grunts.

That choice extends to boss battles as well. The Charred Council charges Fury with eliminating the Seven Deadly Sins, but you can choose which boss to fight at different parts of the story. I am not sure that you will have complete freedom to pursue any boss at any time, but I love choice in my destruction.

Each boss will have it’s own style. Sloth was described, and it’s true to its name. You will fight Sloth’s minions while dodging poison from the boss. It kind of makes you wonder how Sloth became powerful without doing much, but I have had those bosses too. Even after the world ends in an accidental apocalypse, some things stay the same.

Darksiders III is the sequel that almost didn’t happen, but I am glad to see a new one made it out of the bankruptcy gauntlet. The third installment will focus on Fury’s story. She will destroy the Seven Deadly Sins on a supernatural journey taking place across a destroyed Earth, the heights of Heaven, and depths of Hell. It sounds like quite a ride, and we will have a chance to take it on November 27th.

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