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Days Gone 2 Sounds Likely Following Game of the Year Win

Sony hasn’t given up on the idea of Days Gone 2 – despite it proving divisive with gamers worldwide. In fact, it sounds like it could be the first of many as the technical director talks of numerous other avenues waiting to be explored.

And with the game picking up The Golden Joystick PlayStation Game of the Year accolade, this all seems very likely.

Christopher Reese told GamesRadar, “Oh yeah, it is certainly a passion of ours, and that’s what we’ve always wanted to do.”

“This is a world that we want to keep breathing more life into, and explore many, many different avenues. So who knows, we’ll see!”

Which means we could see a lot more of Deacon’s world in the years to come.

However, it’s hard to believe the company is so open to such future developments when Days Gone struggled to win over the community. To this day, it continues to divide opinion as people fail to agree as to whether it’s the best game of the year or a tedious zombie-fest. And that contrast does little to encourage sales – you’ll hardly risk day one-buying a title if you can’t find unifying praise between sites.

Even though it sold pretty well against such odds.

But Bend Studio is obviously quite fond of Days Gone, and it sounds like they’ve got a vision for its future, so a sequel and perhaps even a prequel might well make financial sense. Days Gone 2 could very well be one of the first PlayStation 5 exclusives we’ll see.

Source: GamesRadar

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