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Days Gone and The Last of Us are Totally Differnt, Says Sony Bend

Sony Bend’s new PS4 exclusive was announced and revealed at Sony’s E3 presser earlier this month and almost immediately, comparisons were drawn between Days Gone and Naughty Dog’s seminal The Last of Us.

For one, they both feature zombies, though we’d argue that Days Gone’s zombies are a lot more traditional to the infected found lurking within The Last of Us. Then there’s the protagonist from Days Gone: a rough-looking loner who’s all about kicking zombie arse, so you can see why it’s easy to find similarities between the two games.

However, Sony Bend doesn’t think that’s the case. Senior Staff Artist Brian Pape at Sony Bend says “I think this is on the opposite end of the spectrum from The Last of Us. It’s more over the top, its more extreme. The sheer number [of zombies] we have shows that.”

Pape goes on to explain the difference in action between the studio’s first PS4 game and The Last of Us. “In The Last of Us you’d come across one or two at a time and make your way between them. This is more of a run and gun style, over the top extreme action”. 

We’re still not too sure about Days Gone, mainly because it’s still so far away from being in our hands. Maybe once we’ve seen more of the game in action we’ll be able to look at it and not be reminded of The Last of Us. But c’mon, it did look like it was going to have ‘The Last of Us 2’ pop out at the end, didn’t it?

What do you make of Days Gone? Do you think it shares any similarities with The Last of Us? Is that a bad thing? Pop a cap in the undead down in the comments section below.

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