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Days Gone and the Wedding Memory Crashers

The world of Days Gone sucks. Anyone who’s not already dead may soon be from the freakers and Marauders roaming and killing. Many of the survivors can only think about better days in the past without a lot of hope. The latest trailer shows one of those memories for main character Deacon St. John – his wedding to Sarah Whitaker.

The trailer cuts between showing the much brighter day of bliss and the more haggard version of himself today. The contrast between a guy who is with the love of his life and just running for his life is very striking. For the latter part, we see some of those same two groups of enemies as they interrupt his reverie.

Days Gone is one of the big PS4 exclusives this year, so it’s good to see more parts of the game being shown. It’s riding into retail on April 26th, so I hope we see even more details soon.

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