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Days Gone Delivers NG+, New Difficulties, and Vinyl Soundtrack

The PlayStation exclusive Days Gone is receiving some big and widely requested updates. New Game Plus will allow you to bring all of your skills, perks, upgrades, credits, and trophy progress into a new game. Allowing for player and skill flexibility, you can play it on any difficulty. The only requirement is that you have completed the “I’m Never Giving Up” storyline.

Speaking of difficulties, you masochists will now have two new ones.  Hard II and Survival II will join the other difficulties. They are not exclusively for NG+, but you are welcome to start another journey through Days Gone there if you choose. It will also earn you a few of the new trophies.

If you need more Days Gone in your life, you can grab the 25 track vinyl soundtrack from Mondo. I can’t find it on the website yet, but it will be a 180 gram record, and the vinyl will have colors instead of the plain black (see image at the bottom). You can pre-order starting September 11.

The Days Gone patch to add New Game Plus, new difficulties, and new patches will be available on September 13.

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