Days Gone for PS4 Rated MA 15+ in Australia

Days Gone is just a couple of months away from release now, so it makes sense that the game has been rated in Australia. Curiously, it has only received an MA 15+ rating from the Australian Ratings Board, meaning anybody over the age of 15 can buy and play Sony Bend’s zombie survival game.

Elsewhere, Days Gone has been given the highest rating possible. Over on the UK PlayStation website, the game’s listing notes that Days Gone is rated 18, while on the North American site it has been given the rating of M for mature. It’s a touch odd that Australia, known for being extremely strict and picky about what’s allowed in video games, would go for MA 15+ instead of the higher rating of R 18+, as other zombie-centric games in the past have been rated.

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Unfortunately censorship is nothing new for Australian gamers and by now many are just used to their games being a little different to what most of the world plays. Here’s hoping the game hasn’t been censored too much, if at all.

Days Gone will release April 24th, 2019 exclusively for PlayStation 4.

Source: Australian Ratings Board

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