Days Gone Gets a Next-Gen Update on PS5 for 4K 60FPS Gameplay

The next-gen upgrades are coming thick and fast, and it seems that Sony has been ordering its studios to give their first-party games a second going over in preparation for the launch of PS5, which is set to release November 12th and November 19th.

Bend Studio, the developer of the open-world zombie drama, Days Gone, has announced on Twitter that the game will play better and look better PS5. When you boot up up your copy of the game on PS5, you’ll get up to 60FPS with dynamic 4K resolutions, as well as your save files transferring from PS4. So if you’re halfway through the game now, you’ll be able to carry on your progress on PS5 without any interruption.

This isn’t a full-on Days Gone remaster, but it should be a fairly big upgrade for the game. The frame rate is generally good on PS4, so going up to 60FPs should feel much smoother. Though it’s worth mentioning that Bend Studio says “up to” 60FPS, which indicates it won’t be a locked refresh rate and that it will be variable. It’s the same with the 4K support – it’s dynamic, so it could hit native 4K sometimes, but it will fluctuate depending on the needs of the game engine. Still, it’s a free update, so it’s hard to complain.

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