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Days Gone Gets Third Patch In As Many Days

Bend Studio has released yet another patch for Days Gone as they try to address the crashing issue caused by the second. That makes it three patches in three days for the game, which is on track to at least match God of War. Not that that is something to shout about.

The week had started well with what was a standard update drop. And to be fair, the second small patch went largely unnoticed. But within a few hours, players were reporting a series of hard crashes that originated from the moment they downloaded the latest version. And even though it wasn’t verbally confirmed to be a problem by the development team, it was something that were looking into and addressing.

And that’s what they’ve done. Patch 1.07 doesn’t have much blurb to go with it – neither should it at around 130mb – but the quick drop does suggest it is a fix to the crashes that the community are reporting.

Otherwise, we can expect another update very soon.

The patch is available now, and is probably already installed for you automatically, so you can get straight back on the road. But will it be an all encompassing fix? Let us know if the problem persists and check back here for your future Days Gone news; we’re becoming experts!

Source: Reddit

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