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Days Gone is Ready to Fight in New Survival Trailer

A new trailer has dropped for the PS4 exclusive Days Gone, and it’s shows all the ways you will need to fight to survive. The most obvious enemy is the freaker, and it comes in more than one variety. They all drink, love hanging out with their friends in hibernation or migration, and want to eat you, but they each bring something new and fun to the table. The humans you meet in Days Gone hit some of those too, but they mostly don’t eat human flesh. Probably.

Swarmers travel in packs, and, well, swarm you. The trailer shows one of them pulling you off a bike. There goes that new chrome. Newts will attack you if you are weak or if you get too close. Screamers look like trailer park people getting arrested on the TV show Cops. They yell loudly and all the other freakers are drawn to see what’s happening. Breakers seem like the heavy-hitting brutes of the freaker world.

Society has crumbled, and that leaves you as chief medic, mechanic, and weapon scavenger. If you can’t find it, craft it. Either way, you will have to repair it. There are guns for sale, but you can also live out your fantasies as Walking Dead Daryl and use a crossbow. The flaming bolts are nice if something would look better on fire. Don’t forget that a melee weapon never runs out of ammo, so that could be your primary source of protection.

Days Gone is one of PlayStation’s big exclusive games this year, and this trailer makes it look much better than the questionable game I saw last year. I’d like to see more extended gameplay, and I will be sure to share it with you when a new trailer surfaces. It’s coming out April 26th, so we don’t have long to wait before we join Deacon St. John in our zombie apocalypse, motorcyle future.

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