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Days Gone Key Art Released by Sony Bend Studio, Is This the Game’s Cover Art?

Sony Bend has released what it is calling “key art” for its upcoming zombie game, Days Gone. But what does “key art” actually mean? It’s a bit of a daft phrase to be honest, but sometimes these key art pieces end up being a bit more prominent throughout a game’s marketing run. It’s also possible that it’ll be used as part of the game’s retail boxing.

It could very well be that the image below is going to be the box art for Days Gone. It’s just as likely it’ll not be. Either way, it’s a nice image to look at, if you’re into dead zombies, a hairy Sam Witwer, and, oh, right, a MASSIVE FLIPPING CROWD OF ZOMBIES IN THE BACKGROUND. Why is the main character just chilling next to his bike when death is running up behind him? This image brings more questions than answers, but I suppose we’ll just have to let our curiosity run wild until the game releases.

Days Gone will release exclusively for PS4 on February 22nd, 2019.

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