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Days Gone Now Available To Preload

With less than two days to go, you can now preload Days Gone off the PlayStation Store if you hold a preorder. This will ensure the game is ready to play the moment it is officially launched, preventing you from having to endure the download wait of shame.

And what a wait that could be as the game is a scales-tipping 60GB in size! But maybe that doesn’t bother you as you’re the lucky one with ‘super fast fibre optic wear your pants on the outside of your trousers’ internet; show off…

The pre-load should be automatic, if that’s how you’re configured, but it can be manually started via its PlayStation Store page.

There is another benefit to pre-ordering, mind you. And it comes in the form of free goodies. That’s because there is a dynamic theme, drifter crossbow early unlock, nitrous upgrade 1, gas tank upgrade 1, shroud upgrade 1 all up for grabs for anyone who makes the purchase before it officially goes live. You had me at crossbow!

Are you looking forward to keeping Deacon alive in the harsh, open world of his? Or are you hoarding all your zombie cravings for The Last of Us Part II? Tell us how your Days Gone in the comments box below.

Source: PlayStation Store

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