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Days Gone Puts Narrative First

The first trailer I saw for Days Gone looked bad. Not, not bad. Just bad. Slowly and with a lot of effort, Sony Bend has continued to unveil more of their world, it’s characters, and explain why it’s not just another zombie game or The Last of Us with motorcycles. The latest story trailer today continues that effort and further differentiates it from similar games.

Although his name still sounds like a 70s porn star, main character Deacon St. John’s journey from loosing his wife Sarah to having the whole world torn apart is shown further. His best friend Boozer may be his only friend. We see more characters who have reacted in negative and worse than negative ways to the presence of the Freakers and collapse of society.

According to Creative Director, John Garvin, the whole game is built on narrative and characters, some of which we see in today’s trailer. It’s critical to the game, and it’s what will propel you through this story of “loss and regret”. He recently spent 30 hours to finish the game by only playing the main storylines, but there are many for you to experience. He explains why the team focused on narrative as a primary goal:

“Like I said, Days Gone is a narrative driven game with a big story. But the amount of story, its length, the number of cut scenes… none of that is as important as the emotional impact of the journey. If you don’t care about Deacon and his search for hope, you’re not going to stick around to see what happens. So in the end, it all comes back to our three main characters: Deacon, Boozer and Sarah. Whatever you think is going to happen? We hope you’ll be surprised.”

Like previous trailers, this one seems to make Days Gone look better and sound better than ever. Without playing it, I would say it looks pretty good now. Will it be great, and will those narratives and “big story” elevate it to something truly special? I look forward to jumping on my motorcyle, dodging freaker hordes, and finding out when Days Gone releases on April 26th.

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