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Days Gone TV Commercial Wonders How You Will Use Your One Bullet

We have another TV commercial today, and this one is for Days Gone. The commercial shows Deacon St. John in yet another precarious position with enemies surrounding him. He only has one bullet. It needs to go into someone’s or something’s skull, and, by the end, it may be best to reserve it for himself.

The beginning lets you know that the footage included in the brief trailer is not actual gameplay from the upcoming PlayStation exclusive. Is it just for that beginning part, or is it the whole trailer? Watch the trailer, and you can decide for yourself. You could also wait until after the game’s release to see, because I’m sure this game is going to be picked apart. Highly anticipated console exclusives always are.

Where will Days Gone fall in the spectrum ranging from modern classic to terrible when it releases on April 26th? It’s hard to say for certain, but it does seem to be releasing progressively more encouraging trailers since it was first revealed. I’m hoping it’s another amazing game. There is something about riding on a motorcycle across a lonely ruined world that really appeals to me.

Do you like the idea of imitating Easy Rider after the zombie freaker apocalypse? Let me know your thoughts in the comments. 

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