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Days Gone Under Attack From Patch 1.06

Days Gone may have another enemy on its hands in addition to the freakers as there are reports that its latest patch is causing the game to crash.

Now, the incidents are far from widespread, meaning that the majority of players only see its benefits. But a number of users have taken to Reddit to share their troubles. And for some, it’s literally game breaking.

That’s because it’s preventing them from even reaching the main menu, which you’d agree plays quite an important role in proceedings. But even when players manage to boot the game up, it’s crashing in the same place time and time again.

Worryingly, they’re leading to a hard, power down crash, too. And it seems to affect the PS4 Pro the most. It appears that slim is better for your health…

But, again, it must be said that there are plenty of gamers who are hours into a playthrough with no power downs, so it’s not universal at least. Although, according to reports, Bend are aware of the issue and are working on a solution – so it does exist.

Sadly, the update has brought about a few more noticeable glitches – despite its intention to ‘bug fix’. These include frame rate issues as well as a stuttering of action. They are mostly observed during shooting and riding scenes, which can’t really be avoided, so at least we know what the focus of patch 1.07 will be.

Have you updated Days Gone? Did you experience any gameplay issues? Rev us a comment before the hordes get here.

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