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Days Gone Update Version 1.51 Released, Fixes Horde Awareness and More

Sony Bend released a big update for its PS4 exclusive Days Gone this week, but it hasn’t been the perfect deployment. The new update brought New Game+, fixes and features, but it also borked a couple of things. Thankfully, Sony Bend hasn’t just stuck its fingers in its ears in response to player complaints (take note, Firewall developers) and has released a new update today to sort out the niggling problems.

The new update, version 1.51, was released today and the patch notes are down below for your perusal. It’s not much, but at least an update came quickly.

Progression Blockers

  • Stability improvements have been made to the mission “What’s A Nice Girl”

General Fixes

  • Players who achieved a gold rank in any of the challenges should now retain the gold rank after the challenge ends

  • Overall Horde awareness has been adjusted

Source: Reddit

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