Days of Play Sale Returning

Are you looking to buy a PS4 Pro, PSVR, or a new DualShock 4? Well, don’t do it yet. Sony is bringing back the Days of Play sale to retailers next month, and it could save you a few units of your home currency.

Yes, not America. You are included in most of the deals as well, including a special Days of Play Limited Edition PS4. It’s a nice blue color with the gold PlayStation symbols, but it appears to be a regular PS4, not a Pro. The NA PlayStation Blog says it has a 1TB drive, but the box art and text on the other side of the pond shows it has a 500GB drive. Let’s hope it’s not the lesser drive for full price.

If you want a PS4 Pro discount, you have to live in North America. Those lucky ducks can take $50 off the price of the Jet Black PS4 Pro. Fancy bundles are excluded, but that’s no surprise. Premium plastic equals a premium price.

The rest of the hardware deals aren’t bad at all. The PSVR bundles are nicely discounted at $199.99/€249.99. This will get you to don a fancy helmet and visit strange worlds in no time. A new controller has been lowered to $39.99/€39.99 for all colors, so you can buy a new magma red controller after trading your beloved old one to those mother huggers at GameStop to receive full credit for a console trade. That’s probably a made up example. Probably.

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Moving past weird and completely unnecessary emotional trauma, a selection of games from the new God of War to Uncharted will be discounted. There will even be some PSVR games to go with that new bundle. The games listed on the US and EU sites don’t match, so be sure to check your favorite retailer to be sure. For the US, you can see the full list here. For the EU and the UK, you can click here.

There will be multiple deals running from June 8th – 18th, including PlayStation Vue and PS Plus subscriptions. For people who have evolved beyond the physical world, you can expect plenty of digital deals on the PSN as well. Since E3 is nestled into the sale, we should see a few surprises hit during that time too.

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