Dead Cells Fatal Falls DLC Out Now Alongside Special Offers and Discounts

Motion Twin and Evil Empire have released the latest update for the critically acclaimed Dead Cells, and it’s the Fatal Falls DLC, which is only the second paid DLC since the game’s release, which is bonkers when you consider that the game has had 22 major updates since release. Talk about good value…

The new Fatal Falls DLC costs $4.99 and adds new enemies, biomes, and the unavoidable death traps that players will no doubt encounter during play. This is all showcased in a brand new animated trailer in the style of a Saturday morning cartoon. Even if you’re not a Dead Cells player, the trailer is worth a look all the same; it’s good stuff!

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That’s not all. There are some deals to be had, too. Dead Cells will get its first-ever 50% off sale for the base game, as well as 33% off for Dead Cells: The Fatal Seed Bundle, which bundles everything together, and 30% off for The Bad Seed DLC, which has never been discounted before.

Either way, now is as good a time as any to get involved with the critically acclaimed action platformer. I’ve only recently started playing the game myself to review the new DLC, and while I’m not normally a glutton for punishment, Dead Cells has got me hooked.

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