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Dead Cells Free Bestiary Update Available Now

It’s already been a month since the Dead Cells’ Bestiary Update launched on PCs, and it’s now available on the PS4. The Beastiary Update adds a new weapon and item, new affixes, new enemies, and new outfits. Some of these are integrated into the paid The Bad Seed DLC, but it’s a nice bonus for people who are looking for an excuse to jump back into Dead Cells.

Let’s start with what’s available to everyone for free. There are six new enemies to overcome. Three of them will only be found in certain biomes, and the others will be found around boss cells. The eight new affixes bring ice, fire, and poison arrows among others in the normal category. There are three additional starred affixes that extend certain powers, pushback enemies, or give you oil to spread fire. Finally, the crowbar weapon will crit after you break a prop, and the portable door keeps your back safe and stuns your foes when you turn around to face them.

The rest of the additions have a tie into The Bad Seed DLC. There are three new outfits, but only one is free outside the DLC. There are ten new trophies to earn, and eight are found in the DLC. In the DLC alone, you’ll find new lore rooms, secrets, and mob rebalancing.

As I mentioned about a month ago, Dead Cells (review) has been out for almost two years and the developer is still supporting the game. That’s a nice thank you to everyone who purchased it. If it’s been a while since you gave it a try, here’s your chance.

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