Dead Cells Rise of the Giant DLC is Out Now on PS4, Costs Nothing

The critically acclaimed indie rogue-lite action game Dead Cells just got a whole lot better thanks to the first major DLC expansion that was just released.

The game’s developer, Motion Twin, have released a significant update for Dead Cells on PS4 bringing a bunch of new content to players. There’s a new level to play through, a new boss fight, as well as some new weapons and skills to test out against brand new enemies. What’s more is that this chunky piece of DLC won’t cost you a penny – it’s completely free!

Fair play to Motion Twin – the developer has been updating the game since release with little tweaks and bug fixes here and there, but now we’ve got a brand new DLC to play through and they developers aren’t asking for a penny. Can’t argue with that, can you?

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There’s a new trailer that has been released today that sums up the new update really well, so give it a watch and then make sure you’ve got the DLC update downloaded. It is worth mentioning that the new level is only playable if you’ve actually beaten the entire game at least once, so if you haven’t done so, you’d best get started.

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