Dead Cells The Bad Seed DLC Brings New Baddies, Weapons, and More on February 11th

After over a dozen free major updates, Motion Twin and Evil Empire will be releasing the first paid DLC for the critically acclaimed Dead Cells on PS4.

The new Dead Cells DLC is called The Bad Seed, and it brings players all-new biomes, doles out deliciously deadly weapons, and adds some new baddies to slay with the aforementioned deliciously deadly weapons. OK, I just like writing ‘deliciously’.

“This is the first paid extension to the game after sixteen major free updates, content additions and overhauls since Dead Cells hit Steam Early Access in 2017, and there are still a butt-load of things we’re planning to add to the game,” said Joan Blachere, creative director at Evil Empire.

The new DLC won’t be restrictive. New path choices will appear early in the game, meaning that no matter your level – whether it be a beginner or seasoned veteran – you’ll be able to kill and die in new ways without having to put hours and hours into the game.

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There are two new biomes with deadly surprises. The Arboretum is a lush paradise with adorable creatures, but don’t get too close – they’ll chomp you to bits without hesitation. The other is The Swamp, which is home to ambushing blow gunners, spear wielders, and more horrid creations.

There’s a trailer embedded up above, so give that a looksie before Dead Cells’ The Bad Seed DLC releases on February for $4.99 and your local equivalent.

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